Former NFL Star's Atlanta Sports Performance Gym Helps Members Find Their Inner Athlete

First he was a professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and New England Patriots, and now he's an Atlanta, GA business owner. Dwight Johnson says he noticed the need for a sports-oriented performance gym in the south side of the city.

That's when he opened Total Athlete, an all-around fitness center with programs for young athletes with dreams of going into big league sports and adults. Johnson's technique focuses on all major areas of fitness and has a track record of guiding high school athletes to receiving college scholarships.

"There was no gym like this in Henry County and I wanted to share my wealth of knowledge from being a professional NFL player to help youth excel in their sport," Johnson says. 

Total Athlete has a football-specific training class called The Big Man Takeover. This course teaches all the necessary football skills. It's a one-day camp held in Atlanta and Columbus, GA, and Chattanooga, TN that improves an athlete's technique, speed and power through drills and professional coaching.

The camp itself costs $74.99, but those who sign up as members pay $199.99 per year and can attend all Big Man Takeover camps for free and receive access to all online support materials. There are additional skills trainings and even college recruiting services online through the annual membership.

All classes at Total Athlete can be signed up for online through Current class schedules can also be found online.